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sustainable managed resources

Austimber - sustainable forest environmentAusTimber, being an Australian family owned and operated company is totally committed to supplying ‘Australian’ hardwood timbers that not only meet the needs of their clients, but also that they are sourced from forest resources that are ecologically sustainable and managed to world’s best practices. By doing so, jobs are kept right here in Australia and our forests are replenished to even better standards.

Australia has some of the world’s best managed forests and our collective governments ensure that for every tree that is cut down, many more are planted. 

Through the process of photosynthesis, trees convert harmful Co2 gas in the atmosphere into oxygen and locks away carbon in the wood fibre.
Younger actively growing trees contribute a greater amount of Co2 conversion than older 'over-mature' trees. Thus the harvesting and re-growing process ensures a constant cycling of  of the trees in our forests which in turn is beneficial to our planet.

By utilizing and replanting a diverse mix of native species rather than biomasses of single species in plantations, our native fauna are also better cared for. A mixed species forest that is indigenous to the area will cater for a wider range of the local fauna than any plantation timber from any other area ever can. 

Only a small percentage (about 17%) of Australia’s total forest area is available for harvesting and less than 1.5% of that (about 0.25% of total) is harvested in any one year, meaning that Australia's forest resources are managed as well as (or better than) anywhere else in the world. 

The rest of our forests are locked away in forest reserves and national parks for future generations to admire and enjoy and our native forests and their inhabitants have a healthy future.

Timber harvested from virtually all State Forest resources in Australia is done according to the Australian Forestry Standard (AFS). - AFS Ltd is the national governing body for Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) in Australia. PEFC is the largest forest accreditation scheme (and remains the only entirely not-for-profit global certification system) in the world.

Committed to supplying Australian hardwood timbers that meet the needs of our clients and sourced from forest resources that are ecologically sustainable.